I have decided to start this blog as a means of self-motivation – and I do recognise I need all the help I can get.

I have dabbled with time-trialling in 2015 but for about 6 months of 2016 I suffered quite a loss of motivation and struggled to do much. Each day I did not train I would kick myself and feel guilty but once you get into a rut it is hard to dig your way out.

My over-riding aim is to work hard over this winter, buy a TT bike in spring and then try and get PBs at each of the distances I have completed at so far – 10,25,50 and 100. Next spring is a big one for me as I turn 60. Probably a bit late to be starting a new sport but heck – why not.

In this entry I say a bit about myself and follow that up with a couple more entries on targets and training plans.

This will not turn into a daily blog where I detail every training session but more of a progress update and comments on interesting things I discover as I dive into the time-trialling world.

So a bit about me. I have run since the age of around 28 when I stopped playing football and I absolutely love running. I would drop my other 2 sports (golf, cycling) immediately if I could be guaranteed to run without suffering calf injuries. However I have not run for 2.5 years and I have had very few injuries in that time so I don’t think I will be continuing running into the future.

I was a pretty reasonable distance runner when marathons and ultra-marathons being both my favourite events and the ones I was better at. I have cycled all my life but never been a club member or did it competitively until a couple of years ago. I have completed in a few triathlons and running was my best discipline. I don’t know the terms as they were called then but they were shortish distance 400m swim, 25M bike 5 mile run and a longer one 1K swim, 40K bike, 10M run. This was quite a lot of years ago.

I did move into indoor rowing for 5 years from 2001-2006. I rowed in the English, European and World Championships (anyone can enter these) all at 2K – which was never my best distance. My best time was at the worlds in Boston USA where I had a 7:01. However I also did a marathon (42K) and my time (2:47) was one of the best logged in the world that year in the 50-60 age group. Obviously elite athletes were not logging their time.

In 2015 I got into time-trialling and I improved from a first 10M of 28:30 to 25:59 over 5 efforts. Nothing exceptional and let’s be clear I will not be appearing on any leader boards or high up in results lists however well I do. That is not a reason not to try and improve though. My other key times were 2:13 for 50 and 4:48 for 100 miles respectively.

That is probably enough for an introduction for now. My next entry will talk about what my ambitions are and how I intend to keep myself motivated