Winning things has never been my big motivation. I have always wanted to feel that I am improving and that I am competitive with myself. In many ways I do not even need to enter any time trials, I am only using the event as a reason to train and focus. Therefore I am not too hung up about breaking the hour for 25 or other key barriers. I have also always been a small steps person. Small achievable bites then we tick that one-off and move onto the next one.

At the two extremes of the spectrum I would like to break 25:00 for 10 (current 25:59) and undoubtedly improve seriously at 100 (4:48). Out of those two the 10 is way down on importance and the 100 is much higher with maybe improving at 50 being the key marker for me (2:13).

How will I do that? – what is my plan.

Very simple really, a two-pronged approach with a third (forming a trident maybe) being weight loss. The first and most important prong is getting fitter, having a higher FTP, driving better training sessions, having a higher CTL – using a TSS target instead of chasing mileage. The second prong is looking at improving equipment – to a moderate level. I have only used a standard road bike so far  – a Scott Foil fitted with SRAM Rival kit – a Shimano 105 equivalent. I will be investing in a TT bike and dedicated tyres, pedals, helmet, overshoes – maybe even a skinsuit eventually.

I am lucky in that my mindset allows me to work hard on a turbo and enjoy it. Last winter much of my mileage was indoors and this year – which has been poor for me – still has had a lot indoors.

My tools of choice will be a Wahoo Kickr, Trainer Road and Sufferfest videos. I have a Zwift subscription but I prefer to train using Trainer Road and a focussed session. More on those tools in my next entry.

I intend linking to something I have found interesting or helpful in the world of podcasts in each blog entry I write.

Today it is a YouTube video which is produced by Trainer Road and features Justin Rossi who is a top amateur USA time trialler. It features his build up to the 2015 National Championship. Enjoy