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As I stated in my original post I will be purchasing a bike at the beginning of the 2017 season and I have a few ideas on that but I have not settled on a budget yet so that will be the subject of a later post. However I can start ‘investing’ in the kit I want between now and then. My target section will be midrange cost or slightly higher.

My kit needs wants are, in no particular order of cost or aero benefits

  • Helmet
  • Aerosocks
  • Shoes
  • Pedals
  • Skinsuit
  • aero bottle and cage – on the tri bars, on frame or rear seat mount or a combination for the longer events  has not yet been decided
  • Compression style socks  – not too sure of that as yet
  • Shaved legs – no cost
  • Power meter. This is probably the one that will take the most thought – along with the skinsuit.

I am assuming that whatever bike I buy – and it will probably be new – will not need tweaking in any way. I am not prepared to spend ~£2.5K and then need to invest in new wheels.that will be the spring 2018 upgrade if I feel I have done well against my own benchmarks in 2017.

I have a aero helmet already – a Bell with a long tail. Second-hand and I have used it a few times and never felt that it was aero for me. I feel I have a head-up position normally and it always seemed to me I was hearing more wind noise in that position than with my head buried in the stem. Of course one of the difficulties is trying helmets to see which suits best and even if I borrowed one putting controlled tests together is quite difficult – especially at this time of the year. My current likely helmet will be the Giro Aerohead MIPS at a cost of ~£220. I have read up on it a lot, it seems to get a lot of very good comments on Slowtwitch, which is a triathlon forum but has a lot of cycling posts and information.

The shoes I currently use are Diadora Ace Racer and I have just weighed one shoe – with SPD cleats 350g, without 315g. I know one of the most recommended shoes is the Giro Empire SLX but I think they look horrible and I certainly would not want to be messing around with laces. One pair I quite like the look of is the Specialised S-Works Road 6 .


The review in the link looks is very positive. I suspect those are above mid-price at £280 although the 2015 shoes are available at ~£170. There are significant weight savings  – my shoes weigh 315g each  – these weigh 215g each

Pedals will be probably Speedplay. I have 3 bikes all with Shimano SPD pedals which are pretty much bottom of the range but for my TT bike I can have a different set of pedals and shoes. I would probably end up getting two sets one for the TT bike in summer outdoors and winter indoors and one set on my winter road bike for summer indoor workouts. Again not sure which model of Speedplay. More research to be done.

I try to share an interesting find in each blog entry and whilst there are many articles about the benefits available by changing various components there are two Youtube videos produced by GCN which I came across the other day. Neither are long but they are helpful.

Which is faster – An aero bike or a lightweight climbing bike

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