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I purchased the book that gains the most kudos when looking to understand training with a power meter. The appropriately titled Training and Racing  with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and  Andrew Coggan. It is a full of good information and a worthy read.

I thought it would be good to look at my power profile with a hope that it would show an upward line from bottom left to top right. That is the profile a time trialist should have.


I then looked at my best power for 5 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minute and my FTP

The numbers converted to w/kg as follows

5 secs 601 /85.7 = 7.01   (10.08 = 823 watts)
1 min 420  /85.7 = 4.90  (5.64 = 483)

5 min 323 /85.7 = 3.76

FTP 252 / 85.7 = 2.94

As always, there is good news and bad news. I cannot even get on the page for 5s and 1M but I do have the right shape for the other two. I have put in how many watts I need to get the lowest ranking for a man – and that makes me untrained. I could probably get my 5s a bit higher but I think 823 is probably unreachable and I am not even going to try.

I am also interested in following my TSS numbers as a means of managing weekly effort, rather than focussing on mileage. With having used the turbo exclusively for the last 3 months I wanted a good way of measuring the effort I have been putting in.

I did have a Excel spreadsheet where I have entered all my workouts since 1/1/16 and that gives me a current CTL of about 42. I then installed Golden Cheetah and imported all my files (which come from Strava as a mass download).

One problem I had was that the load would get stuck and hang, sometimes even on only a single file. I then realised that within the zip file from Strava were a lot of tcx files with 0 bytes. I deleted them and the mass upload went well.

My PMC chart for the last two months from Golden Cheetah is shown below


It is clear that I am growing my CTL – now at 31.5 and I am probably reasonably tired. I don’t understand why it starts at 0 but I didn’t do much through the summer. I want to get my CTL to over 50 before spring and I have no race planned until at least April so no concerns at the moment. Therefore I am just focussing on TSS for each week and trying to hit between 350 and 450 weekly. That should get easier as I am recovering from a broken wrist and should start to put in at least one outdoor ride a week shortly.

I have been watching a few GC videos on Youtube but I must admit I not familar with what all the charts mean.