From a cycling perspective 2016 wasn’t a good year. I lost motivation mid-way through the year and struggled to get my mojo back until October. That story was related in my annual mileage which at 3800 was almost 2000 miles lower than 2015. Only 1000 of the 3800 miles were outside, the rest on my Kickr in the garage. The graph of TSS by month makes pretty miserable reading – after the event. At the time it was fine with me despite the nagging guilt that I wasn’t training.


My weight went from 12st 10 to 13st 9. However I am back on it now. I picked up from October onwards and my Golden Cheetah PMC summary for 3 months looks much more positive.


Now my weight has dropped to 13st 4 and I am trying to train most days and including more outside biking on club rides.

My training pattern at the moment is outside twice a week, Zwift a couple of times and either Trainer Road or Sufferfest videos.

I think I will be doing the Sufferfest Tour of Sufferlandia in early Feb and I have booked the week off work to allow me to fit it in. I have done it the last few years and it is a really tough 9 days. This year I think I read that the total TSS is over 1200 if you do the efforts at 100%, which is normally what I try to do.

My biggest frustration at the moment is that a friend I ride with, who I was always stronger than on the hills is beating me hands down. He did over 10K miles last year and is now retired so I know I have no reason to be fed up but I do need to get closer to him. He knows who he is.

I have been looking at TT events and I have entered 3 50 milers and a 100 miler.