I thought it was about time for a catch-up and looking back I have a lot to catch up on.

New bike, a power meter, a couple of events, a dabble with coaching and more.

Looking back to November 2016 I had a target list of equipments wants

My kit needs wants are, in no particular order of cost or aero benefits

  • Helmet
  • Aerosocks
  • Shoes
  • Pedals
  • Skinsuit
  • aero bottle and cage – on the tri bars, on frame or rear seat mount or a combination for the longer events  has not yet been decided
  • Compression style socks  – not too sure of that as yet
  • Shaved legs – no cost
  • Power meter. This is probably the one that will take the most thought – along with the skinsuit.

Taking them in order, apart from looking I have done nothing with the first 3 but having bought a pair of Powertap P1 pedals I have no option but to move over to the Look Keo cleats as I will be moving the pedals around on my bikes as I ride them.

Nothing on a skinsuit and it definitely will not be this season for that as I dont want to do too much too soon. Bought a Elite Cronos bottle and cage for training and 25M TT runs and I am looking for something like a X-Labs cage holder for my new bike.

Possibly going to pull the trigger on Aerocoach trip socks but they seem to be out of stock all the time.

Not shaved my legs and don’t think I will be doing soon. I doubt the world could cope with the dazzzle and hopefully the aero socks  – full shin length – will negate much of the benefits.

Onto the bike. I have purchased a new 2016 Cervelo P3 – 54cm from the LBS. I had it fitted at the LBS and it seems OK. I have done 142 miles on it including two 10 mile TT rides. The bike feel comfortable but I do suffer from chafing on the undercarriage on the r/h side. That is not the fault of this bike because I have had the same issue on my road bike when in the TT position and using clip-on bars.

It is fair to say that I was ready to sell the bike, at a big loss, after my first TT. I worked really hard but knew my average time was not going to be much above 20mph and I was really struggling on some of the inclines. A time of 29:16 did not make me feel much happier. However I did up my FTP from 230 to 239 so I quite pleased with that. I will explain why my FTP was 230 when I had reported it as ~250 throughout 2016

My next outing 3 weeks later was better. I rode much stronger and really worked hard. I improved to 27:43 which I think is very close to the age related standard for a 60 year old. However I do want to get 26:xx this year. I also bumped my FTP again from 239 to 250

Probably enough of a catch-up for now but I will provide another update very shortly when I will discuss the P1 pedals, how the PM mapped to the Kickr power and my mini venture into having a coach.