Podcasts I listen to when training


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Firstly I never listen to podcasts outside as it is very difficult to follow when there is traffic noise. I do occasionally listen to music with just one earplug in but not very often.

These days most of my training is indoors and I listen to podcasts for the vast majority of time when on the turbo.

My main go to podcast is  TrainerRoad – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast. It really entertains me even when discussing Crit racing or gravel riding. Admittedly I get fed up with Nate’s obsession with his sleeping disorders but the overall content is second to none.

My second favourite is Mark Florence – Cycling Time Trial Podcast. Truly excellent, unfortunately now more infrequent and shorter than before. If you want a few sample episodes to try out listen to the Joe Beer or even better the the Tim Ramsden podcasts. They are both coaching related and really give you food for thought.

Others that I follow but don’t listen to every episode include

Rob Manning of Tailwind Coaching. Some really good content and thought provoking ideas around base training.


 The Daily Telegraph Cycling Podcast  – quite professional but I must admit I do listen to it as a bit of background noise rather than take in the content.
VeloNews – I have listened to some and will probably start following it on a regular basis now.
When I was using Zwift I listened to the podcast produced by Simon Schofield. Simon is  fellow member of Alba Rosa CCin Leeds , UK and tonight I trained in a top I bought off him. How close is that to greatness. This podcast goes from strength to strength  – obviously you need to be a Zwifter to get the best benefit from it.
I also like triathlon podcasts and these are some I listen to occasionally.
The Oxygen Addict – a weekly podcast that follows racing results and has good interviews
 I have followed Brett on the Zen and the Art of Triathlon for years.
Finally I listened to many of the Legends of Triathlon interviews and just getting the URL for this I noticed there is one for Chrissie Wellington which I need to catch up with.
I hope that helps and please add a comment with any others that you recommend – especially around cycling coaching.

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